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October 11, 2013

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Perplexicon is an exciting word game with a twist. Build words before viruses take over or time runs out! Use special potions to freeze time or clear the board to make more words. With over 100 levels plus an INFINITE mode, Perplexicon is challenging, addictive, and fun. Can you discover the secret of Perplexicon? Are you up for the challenge? Get perplexed with Perplexicon!


From the beginning, we have always intended for Perplexicon to have a unique gameplay that was original and yet felt familiar to avid word game fans. Despite the many gameplay variations (there was one that required the words to be in straight lines and not backwards! Ack!), we feel that it has stayed true to the original vision. Perplexicon was developed using Corona SDK which has allowed us to make quick iterations on prospective gameplay styles as well as make it our first iOS release! If you have played other apps from Greenrift Software, you will be quick to note that Perplexicon has deviated away from an ad supported model to strictly in-app purchases for quickly unlocking the whole game and in-app currency. That was a tough decision for us as an ad supported model has been good for us in the past and due to how we implement them, not obtrusive to our users. If this model sees enough support from the fan base you might see us follow the no-ad method in future apps. Thanks for giving Perplexicon a try!


  • Unique and refreshing gameplay that steers away from the traditional Scrabble and Boggle games found on the app stores
  • Over 100+ levels!
  • Infinite mode
  • Potions, bonuses, coins oh my!
  • Challenging word game that will leave you quite perplexed


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    Selected Articles

      • "Perplexicon is a challenging, fun, addictive and original game that is bound to impress word-game fans. If you want to try something new, definitely give this a go."
        - Paul Wilks, AndroidTapp.com
      • "Great game! Fun! Challenging!"
        - An Android user,
      • "I love this game! A refreshingly new and innovative game-play concept, it's great!"
        - iOS user,

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      Perplexicon Credits

      Justin Giles
      Game Designer, Developer

      Jill Pestka
      Artist, Freelancer

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks