Word Master

Ever been stuck on a level of Word Mix, Text Twist, or Word Frenzy?

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you can make an awesome Scrabble word out of 6 consonants and one vowel?

Been staring at the newspaper word jumble for hours on end and you just can't get the answer?

Want to show up your friends on Words With Friends?

If so, then this is the app for you! Word Master is powered by an advanced algorithm to bring you thorough anagrams in a split second (no internet connection necessary)!

With its large repository of 5 dictionaries, you will never be at a loss for what word to play in Scrabble or the correct answer to your favorite word jumble or anagram game.

Download today and you too can become the Word Master!!!


  • Common - Simple common words list (Word Mix)
  • ENABLE - Enhanced North American (Words With Friends)
  • French - Large French language list
  • Italian - Large Italian language list (Word Mix)
  • SOWPODS - International Scrabble list (Word Mix, Word Frenzy, WordFeud, Word Game)
  • TWL06 - North American Scrabble list (WordFeud)


  • Blank letters are accepted. Blank letters in the results are highlighted.
  • Specify multiple letters on a Scrabble board too, including spaces between the letters!
  • Definition lookup thanks to Dictionary.com
  • Advanced algorithm that is fast and doesn't require an Internet connection to generate the list of words

Available to download from:

NOOK App : Word Master
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