Word Frenzy

Challenge yourself with Word Frenzy, a classic anagram-style word game where you unscramble letters using the power of your brain. This free version of Word Frenzy presents you with six letters on your screen, and you have to tap each letter until you've created a full word. Submit all the words you can create with those six letters and build up your score as you race against time in this fast paced word-world. Guess enough real words to progress to the next level, but be quick, letters shift in and out while you play.

Words range from three to six letters in this quick and fun word puzzle. Rack your brain to figure out the longest words and tap on Guess to submit each word. The letters start to tremble, and that's your sign to hurry up as the next batch of letters is about to take over the screen. Shuffle your letters if you're stuck to get a new perspective and find new words. Tap on Last to take a look at your previous word so you don't repeat yourself. Customize the difficulty and the maximum minutes for a timed game in the settings to play at your own pace.


  • Extensive English language dictionary
  • Compare your score with others with Scoreloop!
  • Keyboard support
  • Customize the time of the levels to meet your level of skill
  • Definition lookup thanks to Dictionary.com

Available to download from:

NOOK App : Word Frenzy
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